Azerbaijan’s civil administration body to cooperate with Georgia, Turkey, and Ukraine

The civil aviation bodies of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, and Ukraine have signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation and representation in the International Civil Aviation Organization.

The document was signed on July 13 in Turkey’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation by Azerbaijani ambassador to Turkey Faig Bagirov, the Azerbaijani Embassy in Turkey said.

The MoU envisages cooperation between the State Civil Aviation Administration of Azerbaijan, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation of Turkey, the Georgian Civil Aviation Agency, and the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine.

The State Civil Aviation of Azerbaijan, established in 2006, is the central executive body exercising control, state policy, and regulation in the civil aviation field. The administration helps form state policy in the field of civil aviation, ensures its implementation, along with overseeing the safety of civil aircraft operations, aviation security, and environmental protection from civil aircraft emissions.


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