Aviation Digest: May 6-12, 2014

The past week became indicative for the industry as Ukrainian airports summed up the results for the first four months. And Russian airline UTair Ukraine has continued to reduce its activities in Ukraine, leaving only charter and code-share flights to Moscow. The conflict in eastern Ukraine led to a deeper worsening of relations between Ukraine and Russia. So, significant was the refusal of Ukraine to allow the plane of Russian governmental delegation to overfly Ukrainian territory.

General Prosecutor’s Office engaged in checking the validity of established rates for domestic passenger carriages, as well as checking operation of the State Aviation Service, which has not applied the measures to abolish excessive tariffs. According to results of the audit Prosecutor General issued a corresponding decree of the Ministry of Infrastructure, which is obliged to eliminate the violations.

Recently Ukraine and Romania closed their airspace for aircraft of Russian governmental delegation. Ukrainian fighters in-flight forced the airliner landing. In this connection, a special presidential envoy to Transnistria, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, was to fly a scheduled flight from Chisinau. After Rogozin left Transnistria, Moldovan Foreign Ministry summoned the Russian ambassador to explain the reasons of Deputy Prime Minister visit.

At the same time, the Russian State Duma is preparing a proposal to close the airspace to «unfriendly countries». This proposal is to be brought by the head of the party «Rodina «, State Duma deputy Alexei Zhuravlev.

Polish aviation company PZL Swidnik holds talks with Ukrainian company «Motor Sich» on cooperation in production of Polish helicopters Mi- 2 and Sokol.

May 9, in Zaporozhye near the Museum «Motor Sich» a monument to plane MiG -15 was inaugurated. Red ribbon was cut by the pilot, Air Force Colonel Ivan Gavlonsky.

Atlasjet Ukraine began to perform flights on the routes of Iraqi Zagrosjet under the contract of «wet lease «. Earlier AtlasJet Ukraine reported one of its aircraft gaven temporarily to the parent airline AtlasJet. Experts attribute this step with a delay in obtaining permission to routs from the State Aviation Service.

In connection with political and economic situation in the state, UTair-Ukraine optimizes its routs network, but intends to maintain its presence in the Ukrainian market of domestic carriages.So, from June 20, the airline will only perform charter flights and code-shared flights to Moscow.

Airlines Belavia and UIA signed an agreement on joint exploitation of the Minsk- Kyiv line.

In Borypil there was held a meeting of the airport committee, comprising representatives of air carriers and ground handling companies. At the meeting, Director General of SE «Boryspil” Sergei Gombolevsky presented airport plans for 2014, in particular, this was about development of its infrastructure, as well as reported on the current situation regarding production volumes. According to press-service data, there is a positive trend of growth in passenger traffic at the airport Boryspil for the first 4 months of 2014. In the first quarter of 2014 Boryspil airport handled more than 57% of passenger traffic in Ukraine, and for the January — April period it was 1.9 million.

In Lviv, social activists demanded the resignation of CEO of International airport «Lviv» n.a. Danylo Galitsky. According to the results of April, 2014 35.6 thousand passengers benefited from the services of this airport, 26.9 thousand passengers used international flights, and 8.7 thousand people – domestic ones.

According to Transport Minister of Crimea Yuri Shevchenko Simferopol International Airport receives daily about 40 flights. Subsidiary of NK «Rosneft» began to provide aircraft jet with fuel.

CEO of operator company of airport “Kiev” ( Zhulyani ) — «Master -Avia» — Alexey Yakovets spoke about the impact of political events upon aviation, prospects of «open skies» and plans for the future .

The most anticipated event in the industry now is signing of the economic part of the Association Agreement with the EU and the «open skies». These events will be significant for all sectors of economy.

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