Aviation Review: April 15-21, 2014

Last week was marked by government plans to develop state aviation sector, as well as a general decline in demand for air travel.

Ukraine’s Eastern neighbor is in no hurry to recognize the annexed territory. Russia believes flights Simferopol-Moscow to be international ones; however the peninsula was annexed a month ago. Passengers traveling to Crimea are served in international sectors of terminals in Russian airports.

Labor collective of the State Concern «Antonov» held a protest rally against government plans to dismiss its chef — principal designer Dmitry Kiva.

«Ukraerorukh» (Ukrainian Aero traffic) denied public statements of airlines on a significant impact of air navigation services on the airfare costs, as they are not determinative in airfare.

Under RF attempts to control sky over Crimea and the Black Sea, «Ukraerorukh» took a number of measures. Thus, the Black Sea countries reaffirmed the right of Ukraine to coordinate air traffic over Crimea, as well as ICAO affirmed the right of «Ukraerorukh» to implement air navigation services over Crimea. As part of these events, agreements with Black Sea countries were signed.

Experts said that change of majority owner of «Interavia» gave impetus to development of the company. Corporate conflict in «Swissport Ukraine» LLC has lasted for a long time. According to experts, administrative resources should not be used to put pressure on the courts and the dispute should be resolved solely on the basis of the current legislation of Ukraine, the Charter and the Treaty of «Swissport Ukraine» LLC members.

Developments in the country also affect the aviation operations market in Ukraine. In March, aviation operations reduced by 19%. The chairman of the Ministry of Transport Denis Antonyuk told.

Recently, CEO of «Borispol» airport Sergei Gombolevsky told about the impact of political developments on aviation, as well as plans of new leadership of «Borispol» airport. Discussion touched terminal D development, a new runway, and relationships with catering suppliers and taxi services.

Among airlines, Wizz Air Ukraine «stood out» by increasing the fees in half and having canceled flights from Lvov, Kiev and Kharkov. The reason was the low demand for air travel in Ukraine and currency devaluation.

Given the difficult market circumstances, airlines are trying to occupy the vacated niche. So, UIA launched flights to Iraq, and increased 50% transportation of passengers on the flight Kiev – Vilnius, and the Polish airline «LOT» increased the number of flights from Lvov to Warsaw. Russian carrier niche will be filled by YanAir with flights from Kiev-Zhulyany to Odessa.

Newcomer in Ukrainian aviation operations market «Atlasjet Ukraine» has already received a license for international flights. Turkish Airlines, which is interested in flight from Istanbul to Kherson, has not yet made the decision. Also «Dnepravia» launches Dnepropetrovsk — Istanbul flight since April, 28.

April, 14, CEO of IA «Borispol» attended a round table organized by European Business Association. The meeting was devoted to discussion of Ukraine’s accession to the single aviation area and further prospects in aviation. Gombolevsky said that «Borispol» has the infrastructure and resource capacity to work in conditions of «Open Skies». But multi-level parking opening near the terminal D was postponed to autumn. Ministry of Infrastructure abandoned the idea of ​​the previous government to hand «Borispol» airport in concession. According to the minister, «Borispol» airport will remain in government property.

Problems of runway nationalization of Chernivtsi airport were discussed at a briefing of Secretary of Chernivtsi City Council Jaroslav Kushnyrik. He told about the position of the City Council regarding the proposal of Infrastructure Minister Maxim Burbak.

Nikolaev city council member called the situation in the Enterprise «International Airport Nikolaev» dead-locked: the company operates without an accountant, the number of employees halved, there is a half million hryvnia debt.

The carrier «Grozny Avia» launched the flight Simferopol — Rostov-on- Don.

Information that Donetsk airport was captured was denied by airport spokeswoman Dmitry Kosinov.

It is also became known that officials of the Odessa airport appropriated UAH7.5 mln.

Staff of Lvov airport requires dismissing its director, who has worked on Yanukovych «regime». This was stated in appropriate appeal to the Minister of Infrastructure by the chairman of the Lvov regional organization of a political party «UDAR» Yaroslav Ginka.

As part of the anti-terrorist operation, fighters flew over Luhansk before the weekend. During the anti-terrorist operation airfield in Kramatorsk was liberated. 

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